Joseph, diving into the nuances of mobile game marketing amidst the privacy-first changes is crucial. Your piece stands out for highlighting the historical perspective of mobile gaming's evolution and its impact on user acquisition strategies. It's fascinating to see how the industry's competitive basis shifts with each major change, from incentivised installs to privacy-first policies. This historical context enriches the discussion by showing that adaptability has always been key to success in mobile gaming.

IMO, the studios to watch are the hyper-casual folks like Rollic and Voodoo whose lifeblood is intertwined with low CPI. Their next steps will be telling.

Looking forward to how the series unfolds and sheds light on navigating these changes effectively.

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Hey Rob, I think we've already seen a shift in hyper-casual to hybrid-casual. This to me implies that CPI hotspots and inability to target is affecting CPMs and, has been causing, a structural shift away from hyper-casual. Some of the HC guys are still successful, and especially on Google side (I believe). Post-fingerprinting deprecation we may see another leg down. Unclear and most of the experts disagree with me that fingerprinting will have a big impact. I personally just don't see Apple not getting it's way. Let's see what happens!

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